Technogym Skillrun TX 500

Available now on, the Technogym Skillrun TX 500 is the ultimate treadmill for elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Featuring Multidrive Technology for cardio and power training, a robust motor, and a wide range of incline and decline settings, it offers versatile and dynamic workouts. The interactive Unity console provides a high-definition touchscreen with training programs, performance tracking, and entertainment options. Enjoy a cushioned running surface with advanced shock absorption, seamless connectivity, and detailed performance monitoring. Elevate your fitness routine with the Skillrun TX 500 and achieve your goals with cutting-edge innovation.

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Weight 223 kg
Dimensions 185 × 87 × 168 cm



TX 10"




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1 in stock

Product Description

Introducing the Technogym Skillrun TX 500, the ultimate treadmill designed for elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Available now on, the Skillrun TX 500 combines advanced technology with innovative features to deliver a versatile and powerful running experience. Enhance your training regimen and reach new fitness heights with this state-of-the-art treadmill.

Key Features:

  1. Multidrive Technology: Experience the revolutionary Multidrive Technology, which allows you to seamlessly switch between cardio and power training. Perform sled push and parachute resistance workouts in addition to traditional running, making your workouts more dynamic and comprehensive.
  2. Responsive and Powerful Motor: The Skillrun TX 500 is equipped with a robust motor that delivers a smooth and responsive performance. Whether you're sprinting, jogging, or performing high-intensity intervals, enjoy consistent and powerful support for all your running needs.
  3. Wide Range of Incline and Decline: Customize your training with a wide range of incline and decline settings. Simulate real-world terrains and target different muscle groups with inclines up to 25% and declines down to -3%, providing a versatile and challenging workout experience.
  4. Interactive Unity Console: The interactive Unity console features a high-definition touchscreen display, offering an array of training programs, performance tracking, and entertainment options. Stay motivated and engaged with real-time feedback and personalized workouts.
  5. Shock Absorption System: Protect your joints with the advanced shock absorption system that ensures a comfortable and cushioned running surface. The Skillrun TX 500 minimizes impact, allowing for longer and safer workout sessions.
  6. Versatile Training Programs: Access a variety of pre-set and customizable training programs designed to meet diverse fitness goals. From endurance runs to speed drills and resistance training, the Skillrun TX 500 offers comprehensive workouts for all fitness levels.
  7. High-Definition Performance Monitoring: Track your progress with high-definition performance monitoring, displaying key metrics such as speed, incline, heart rate, and calories burned. Optimize your training with detailed insights and data-driven feedback.
  8. Seamless Connectivity: Stay connected with seamless integration for your devices, enabling you to sync apps, stream content, and stay entertained during your workout. Enhance your training experience with a fully connected ecosystem.

Transform your running routine with the Technogym Skillrun TX 500, now available on Embrace the future of treadmill training with innovative features, versatile programs, and unparalleled performance. Achieve your fitness goals and elevate your workouts with this top-of-the-line treadmill designed for excellence.