Technogym Pure Low Row

Low Row offers the freedom and clean feel of free weights in a safe environment; Built to the highest standards of biomechanics, ergonomics and safety, it serves to activate the broad back muscles, the biceps, the posterior deltoids and the trapezius muscles.

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Weight 125 kg



Technogym Pure Low Row




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Product Description


  • Bodyprint System
    All fillings are made of special high-density foam that adapts anatomically to the shape of the body, providing maximum comfort and a beneficial stabilizing effect during training.
  • Pure Grip
    Push and pull movements become more effective and comfortable thanks to the new handle that distributes the load more evenly. Markings indicate correct hand placement and the rough surface improves grip and prevents side slipping. The special aluminum, copper and silicone alloy guarantees maximum durability.
  • More balanced power
    Independently moving arms give a more balanced strength improvement and offer the choice to train the arms one at a time. The trajectory of the handles converges during movement to give a natural arc of movement with greater reach.
  • Stability and Variation
    A fixed centre handle is provided to improve stability while performing unilateral exercises. Double handle position offers variety in exercises and activation of different muscle groups.