Technogym Run Now 500 Led

The treadmill is in top condition, the buttons on the treadmill are easily accessible and the speed and incline selection are directly operable.

The tread has a shock absorbing platform that protects the knee and ankle joints. The heart rate can be determined via the CPR system. The strong and reliable AC motor ensures a smooth and trouble-free workout under the most extreme conditions of use.

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Weight 205 kg



Technogym Run Now 500 LED




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Product Description


  • It guarantees a safe, natural run
    Walking or running on Run Now is also safe for your muscles and joints. The material and structure of the platform cushion your feet properly, thereby reducing pain in the joints and muscles of the knee and foot.
  • Noiseless
    With Run Now you can focus on your workout because the noise is 1/3 lower than a regular treadmill. The maximum peak in a workout at 12 km/h is just 76 decibels, halfway between two people having a conversation and the noise a person hears inside a car.
  • Optional TGS key
    The TGS key makes it very easy to keep track of all your training results and activities. You simply take the key from one device to another and continue where you left off without needing to reset the device. The data is also stored in the cloud via the TechnoGym devices and you can keep track of your progress with the MyWellness app on your smartphone.