Technogym Element Vertical Traction

Recommended for: Specific training of the back and arm muscles, stability of the shoulder joint, improvement of muscle imbalance in the arms and trunk.

Muscle: Back muscles Biceps

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Weight 190 kg





Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Product Description

With the Element Vertical Traction you train the back and arm muscles from a sitting position. The outward facing sitting position with vertical traction back support promotes correct posture and correct movement. The arc of motion is designed to provide a better range of motion for the back muscles. The plane of movement is slightly in front of the shoulders, so that the user obtains a comfortable course of movement. The two arms are independent, which ensures a balanced power development.

Key Features:

  1. Upper Body Targeting: Precision-designed for targeting and strengthening the upper body, specifically focusing on back and arm muscles through vertical pulling movements.
  2. Adjustable Mechanics: Offers customizable settings for seat height and handles, ensuring optimal alignment and comfort tailored to various user heights and preferences.
  3. Fluid Motion System: Incorporates a smooth pulley system for controlled and natural movements, ensuring safety and effective engagement of targeted muscle groups.
  4. Robust Build: Constructed from durable materials to withstand frequent use in gym environments, ensuring longevity and reliability over time.
  5. Space-Efficient Design: Despite its targeted functionality, it maintains a compact footprint, making it suitable for diverse gym layouts and space constraints.
  6. Versatile Workouts: Allows for multiple grip variations and exercise techniques, enabling users to target different muscle groups for a comprehensive upper body workout.