Technogym Element Lower Back

The Technogym Element Lower Back machine focuses on strengthening lower back muscles. With adjustable settings and controlled motion, it aids in stability and posture improvement. Its durable build and space-saving design make it ideal for targeted lower back workouts in various gym settings.

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Weight 200 kg





Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Product Description

Element Lower Back is biomechanically designed to help you train the lower back muscles for safe and effective pelvic stabilization from a comfortable and ergonomic seat.

Thanks to the innovative shoulder pad, there is no need to adjust the seat height and starting position, and the weight pack settings are easily accessible from the sitting position.

Key Features:

  1. Lower Back Strengthening: Tailored to specifically target and strengthen the lower back muscles, aiding in stability and posture improvement.
  2. Adjustable Settings: Offers customizable adjustments for seat and handles, allowing users to personalize their positioning for optimal comfort and alignment during exercises.
  3. Controlled Motion System: Incorporates a smooth and controlled range of motion, ensuring safe and effective engagement of the lower back muscles.
  4. Durable Construction: Built with sturdy materials to endure regular usage in gym environments, ensuring longevity and reliability over extended periods.
  5. Space-Efficient Design: Despite its targeted functionality, it maintains a compact footprint, suitable for diverse gym layouts and space constraints.
  6. Supports Core Health: Facilitates exercises that help fortify the core, contributing to overall spinal health and supporting functional movements.